22nd April, 2008

Above is a picture of the greenhouse. This was moved last year from the bottom of the garden where it was under trees and did not get enough sun. The tomatoes and cucumbers I tried to grow there never thrived. Furthermore, watering it was not easy although I did set up a drip feed system. It was quite a job to move but I had help from my father. First I had to take out the glass and then lift the frame intact off the old base. The slabs of the old base were used for the new base which I had to extend; my dad helped lay a small brick wall on which the extending slabs could rest. The old base was broken up with a pneumatic drill (hired for the day). Then the greenhouse was reassembled and in the process I managed to break 7 panes. I was expecting that.

The rubble from the old base was used to make a path at the bottom of the garden, Now the greenhouse area is cultivated and raspberries and tayberries are growing there.

In the summer, the greenhouse is watered automatically with a drip system connected to a timer on the outside tap, this also waters my collection of bonsai trees which can dry out very easily on hot days. I set the timer to 15 minutes in the morning at around 5am and another 15 mins at around 7pm. At the moment however, my wife waters the greenhouse by hand, thanks!

In front of the greenhouse is a coldframe which I made from two double glazed window panels that I got from a colleague at work. By the fence is a grey bucket in which some of the carrots will be grown.

The cloches are protecting a row of early carrots and radishes.

I need to tidy the area by the coldframe but some of the pots will be used for the peppers and aubergines.

Below is the greenhouse last year. You should be able to see 5 tomato plants (Gardener's delight) with plenty of flowers on them, 2 blueberry plants and at the back, melons.

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