3rd June, 2008

It's been very wet and windy recently and I've not been able to get out into the garden. It was half term week and I have taken some time off to be with the family. When I did get into the garden I finished off some of the planting out. The rain though has helped the veggies along nicely as the soil was drying out rather badly. The overwintering onions in particular have swelled even more, they look good enough to pull.

The spring greens were dug up finally, they had turned a little tough so they were consigned to the compost heap. Again, brassicas are not a favourite for family eating, so I won't bother next year, perhaps I will try some purple sprouting brocolli as it is always good use of ground to grow something overwinter.

In place of the spring greens, the remainder of the sweetcorn was planted out. One plant of the first plantings had withered a bit so I replaced it.

The overwintered broad beans were supported with string between bamboo sticks, as they had started to fall over with the high winds (behind sweetcorn in picture above).

The spinach had all bolted, so this was pulled and beetroot planted in its stead. The beetroot wasn't doing too well in the greenhouse modules, not sure why. I also noticed that the garlic has a bad case of rust which is a fungal disease (see picture below). Reading around it seems not much can be done and it isn't too bad; I may get smaller bulbs but the garlic is still edible.

In the greenhouse, the toms have been planted into their final pots and are showing their first flowers; strings have been attached for them to be supported by and the drip watering system set up. The pots have been sat in trays to catch any water that drains through.

I'm a little concerned about the asparagus, it is falling over (probably the wind) and they don't look like the ferns will grow very well laying flat, so I have staked them.

The early potatoes in buckets look great and flower buds are forming, anyone know when would be the best time to harvest them?

The main potatoes are also looking good.

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