15th June 2009

The previous weekend, it rained heavily so I was unable to get out in the garden much. I did manage to pot the tomatoes into their final containers and they are now in the greenhouse with the automatic watering system all rigged up and working.

Last weekend was glorious and in complete contrast. I planted out one pot of the leeks, the parsley and outdoor tomatoes.

I harvested a few turnips and kohlrabi and made a curry dish from each. The turnips were done in a yoghurt and tomato sauce with cumin seed and cayenne pepper. The kohlrabi were cooked in a tomato and vegetable stock with chillis and cumin seeds and I have to say they were delicious.

I also picked a lot of broad beans and spent a relaxing time shelling them in the sun. Most were put into the freezer as there were just too many to cook for one meal. The rest were cooked with peas, mint, parsley and coriander and eaten with couscous. I didn't have any peas ready to eat this time, but except for the couscous too, it was all from the garden. The freshness really came though in the taste. Here's the recipe:

I haven't included pictures in this blog because I have not been able to upload them to my laptop which is under repair. So I'm writing this on another computer and haven't got my camera handy to upload it too.

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