21st April, 2010

I took 2 weeks off work for the Easter break and had a lovely time getting a lot of the garden chores done, very satisfying, especially with some lovely weather; the rain seems to have also taken a holiday. The lawnmower came back from its service and despite its age (>40 years) it looked like new and started on the first pull. Of course, as well as mowing the lawn I did lots of weeding and sowing and planting out.


I've finished off the leeks and had these with the purple sprouting broccoli baked in a cheese sauce. There is still plenty of PSB coming.


More radish. I haven't got much room in the greenhouse for any more stuff at the moment.


Potatoes. As with last year I dug a trench and planted the spuds on a good layer of compost. The compost was not fully rotted but will hold the moisture nicely.

The asparagus has sprouted and there will be enough for a meal or two (hopefully more) which will be the first harvest ever.

The broad beans are flowering. It didn't look good for these plants a few weeks back but nature finds a way.

The early peas (Meteor) are attaching themselves to the pea sticks, but the germination rate of those I sowed later (celebration variety) in the greenhouse has been very poor. I will definitely have to sow more as these were very good eating last year.

The radish are growing well in the greenhouse. I'm trying them out this way instead of sowing directly outside. They certainly grow faster and look better, hopefully they taste good too. In the picture below, the radish are in the foreground with kohlrabi behind them and the beetroot behind the kohlrabi.

Aubergine coming along nicely.

A second sowing of spring onion. This method is working well. Sow a few seeds per station in a seed tray and then when they get to a good size, plant the clump outside.

Last year, I bought basil from the supermarket and grew that on but where is the fun in that? So, this year I have sown my own (I had the seeds anyway).

I'm pleased to report that the fruit trees are all showing good numbers of flower buds including the new greengage and cherry trees. I think the pear tree will be first into flower though.


Nome said...

Everything looks great! I'm so jealous your broad beans are flowering already. Are they outdoors? When were they sown?

Capsid said...

Hi Nome,

Yes the broad beans are outside. I sowed them last November to overwinter in the greenhouse and then I plant them out early to get a crop around the beginning of June. This gives me an early crop and then frees up the ground afterwards to plant some late crops like purple sprouting broccoli

Mark said...

I'm interested to see that you are starting both your radishes and your spring onions in the greenhouse. I had always assumed they wouldn't survive planting out.

Capsid said...

Hi Mark,

I'm not going to plant out the radish. I will harvest them directly from the tray. I'm not sure how well it will work but I have had two very tasty but small radishes so far.

As for the spring onions, these will be planted out. I did this last year with good success.