2nd August, 2010

The dry period continues. There has been some rain which has been just enough to keep the veg in reasonable condition.


No sowing, I forgot to sow some rocket.


Turnips: we make a lovely vegetarian chilli with these.
Lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes, and spring onions for salads
Potatoes: the first of the Kestrel were dug up and taste great with no signs of slug damage. I think I'll stick with this variety.


Swiss chard.

I have continued to chop down and shred the Leylandii hedge which has taken some time. Fortunately the veg need little maintenance now with just the mandatory weeding.

The greenhouse tomatoes are forming nicely. They should be gardener's delight variety but the trusses have only a few fruit on them. Last year there were up to 50 per truss. I'll have to check the seed packets.

The aubergines are starting to flower.

I may actually get some red outdoor tomatoes this year; the hot weather has kept the blight away.

There will be some good pumpkins too. I've got about 3 per plant and I must remember to pinch them out to prevent any more developing.


Lots of apples this year, the branches are bending under the weight.

I cut the old leaves off the strawberries and cut the runners back to one plantlet. I think this is the last year for these plants , then I'll replace them with the new ones.

This is my attempt at growing Pringles. Actually, it's my attempt to get long white celery stalks.

The sweetcorn is nearly ready. I could and should have grown twice as many plants in the same area. The field down the road has them spaced much closer together.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Like the pringle idea.
Looks like you have a lot of harvest to look forward to soon.

Mark said...

Looks like things are coming along well. We've had plenty of rain recently so this should make up for the dry weeks earlier.