25th June, 2012

I had a productive weekend planting out the plants that had been hardening off outside.

The sweetcorn went in easy enough since the soil was still wet and easy to dig with a trowel. Behind them are the runner beans which I grow up the fence.

I was going to try the climbing French beans for a change but I decided to stick with what works.  Now I have the dilemma of finding somewhere to put them, especially since I don't have a support frame.

I love runner beans so I also grow them up a wigwam and add plenty of compost in the planting hole and as a mulch.

I planted 2 courgettes and gave them plenty of space as they will get very big.  Let the glut begin, even from just 2 plants.
Also planted were four rows of Dwarf French beans again with plenty of compost.
Keeping with the bean theme, I started to harvest the broad beans.  Despite my misgivings, there are plenty!
The spuds look lush, the wet weather must be helping although blight might be just round the corner.
The flowers are lovely to look at, the purple ones confirm they are Kestrel.
Although the plum tree is bearing less fruit, it's in good health and the scar where the branch broke off is healing well.  The edges are healing over well.  I'm going to leave the branch that has grown from the base as this should feed the area and encourage recovery.
Plenty of peas coming.
In the greenhouse, I pinched out the tops of the aubergines.  I forget to do this normally, but they are bushing up nicely and making flowers.
 The tops of the sweet peppers were also pinched out.  The leaves are not looking good and on closer inspection were covered with aphids on the undersides.  I resorted to some localised bug spray.

I feel I'm on top of the jobs now and will be able to do more housekeeping jobs such as weeding and tidying up.

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