29th May 2013

Finally a nice weekend and I made the most of it. I potted on the tomatoes, chillies, peppers, aubergines and melons into 3" pots.

The dwarf beans have finally germinated and there are signs of life from the sweetcorn and climbing French beans.
Outside I planted the courgettes with some lettuce between which I hope will be ready before the courgettes shade them out.
The peas went out too with their supports.  Behind them are the broad beans which are full of flower, I'm expecting a good crop.
At long last the potatoes have emerged and I've earthed them up.
The beetroot went out too along with the onions I grew from seed.  I should have plenty of onions again after a failed crop last year.  No garlic this year though.
It took some time to plant them as the soil had dried out and was quite hard to dig.  If only I had soil like Monty Don who seems to be able to plant his veg by digging with his hands!  Will my soil ever be like that? 

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