11th July, 2011

Apart from keeping the weeds down, this time of year is very rewarding as the veg are harvested. This may be my best year yet. There are not too many losses from pests or diseases and the quality is very high.

These potatoes are delicious; if only I could remember what variety they are. There's no sign of scab or slug damage.

I pulled a few carrots and was delighted to find them to be without forks and of a good size and most importantly they are bursting with flavour. Supermarket carrots are a pale comparison. Why is that?

I finally planted some of the leeks; the rest will be planted when I make room by harvesting a couple of cabbage that were overwintered. I picked one of them this weekend and it's a monster size. I cooked it with some spices from a Madhur Jaffrey recipe rather than simply boil it. It tasted superb, very sweet and tender. Perhaps with the next one I could try some home made coleslaw.


Phoebe said...

Looks great! I've never grown carrots successfully. Do you have any tips?

Capsid said...

Hi Phoebe,

My tips for carrot growing are: use fresh seed each year, don't manure the soil as this encourages fibrous roots, water regularly to start with to encourage good germination but once established reduce the watering to encourage the tap root to get longer. Don't touch the leafy growth until you want to harvest as this will release the carrot smell that attracts the carrot fly.