28th June, 2011

I'm really pleased with the strawberries. A great way to use them up is to make smoothies which the whole family love. They are a nice size too.

Every year I think the broad bean yield will be pitiful but there are always plenty to eat.

I can't get coriander to grow leafy, it just bolts. So I pulled it up and replaced it with spare dwarf beans. I pulled off what leaf there was from the coriander and froze it in ice cube containers.

The leeks are ready to plant out so I started to weed and dig over some ground. Since it had rained the ground wasn't too difficult to dig but the heat was in the high 2Os, so sweaty work. The leeks go in next weekend but that's all the space used up and I still have seven pumpkins to plant out. Maybe they'll have to stay in pots.

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Mark said...

I also have had trouble with coriander this year, which is frustrating as it is my favourite herb.