7th June, 2011

Yesterday was a fruit update, today it's all about the veg.

The Gardener's delight tomatoes have been planted out into their final pots in the greenhouse and the first trusses have formed. I've planted some basil and marigold with them as I had plenty spare.

A second sowing of french beans has germinated, the first lot were old beans and didn't appear.

The chillis are a nice size now and I pinched the growing tips out to encourage lateral growth.

The aubergines have been slow to start but are leafing up nicely now.

The potatoes are great, I've been watering them to try and keep the scab at bay.

The mint got repotted and it has certainly benefited.

The overwintered onions are ready to pick. Some of them are getting thick necks so they will be eaten first as these tend to rot on storage.

The asparagus has been tied to string supports and I've stopped cutting it now.


Back to the fruit. I'm very pleased with how well the three peach trees are doing.

And finally, I sowed some wildflowers last year and planted them in the border. A success I'd say. These are ox-eye daisy and red campion. I've sown and planted more!

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