20th June, 2011

I spent a nice weekend tidying up and weeding the veg plots. The plants are looking really green and fresh now. I harvested some cabbage that had been planted last autumn and it had a lovely green and tender heart. I shredded it and cooked it with some mustard seeds and chills as a curry side dish. Delicious.

I also picked the first of the broad beans which were small, tender and sweet.

Now it's Wimbledon fortnight the strawberries are coming thick and fast. I made 5 jars of strawberries with plenty left to have fresh with cream.

I also stripped the blackcurrants and managed to make half a jar of jam with them.

The potato plants have put on a lot of leaf which I hope is a good sign. The runner beans have reached the top of the poles and are flowering. The courgettes should be ready this weekend.

Weed free beds with parsnips, carrots and onions.

Tomatoes and sweetcorn.

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Nome said...

Wow, I don't know how you manage to keep everything so neat and tidy - good work! Everything looks great!