17th April, 2012

I didn't have much time for the garden this weekend.  I spent most of it helping to run the electronic timing for the kids swimming club gala.  It's noteworthy that our future Olympic champions are all a result of parents volunteering their time at such galas, being a taxi service and of course buying all the training kit and paying the club fees that go mostly towards heating the pool water. I have to say though that swimming is one of the best sports for keeping fit.It could save your life too.

So after that all that I only have some pictures to show of progress in the greenhouse.  The shelves are filling up.

The parsley has germinated, it takes a while.

The peas that  sowed in a gutter are also up,

And I potted on the Cristal tomatoes which I plan to mostly make passata from.  The passata was very popular last year so I'm growing more plants; some of these larger tomatoes and the trusted tigerella variety.

I think it's still too cold to sow any of the tender plants yet.

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