25th April, 2012

I did some more sowing, some of it successional such as more beetroot, radish, spring onion and kohlrabi.  I also potted up the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers.  These are all in the greenhouse although the weather has turned cold and growth appears to have slowed down.

Outside the fruit trees continue to flower.   I have a nice crab apple tree as a bonsai which is looking lovely now with flowers.

The plum and greengage have been attacked by pigeons I think. I've spotted them on the branches which they have snapped and the fruit buds and leaf buds have been removed.

But there are some left, let's hope it's enough. For the moment the apple and pear tree are untouched.

The tulips are looking great too.

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Steve said...

Thanks for the mention on GYO

I have not the time to go on there now, with the novel and the website, just about got enough time for the poly-tunnel.