2nd May, 2012

It was an atrocious weekend, it seemed to rain all day and night and doing anything in the garden was a no-no.  On Friday the bottom field flooded but didn't quite reach the garden like it has in the past.  Despite the continuous rain the river level went down and the threat of further flooding subsided.

I managed to rush outside and snap a few photos of the greenhouse.
The peas are growing well in the gutter and I will need to plant them out; when the weather permits!
Next weekend is a bank holiday so it's probably going to rain again.  I reckon I won't have much to report though as the weather has turned cold and the plants have stopped growing.  It's been 3 weeks since I last had some asparagus and even now there is none to pick.

I can always start to sieve the pile of shreddings and lay it on the beds.

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