2nd September, 2013

It's been a while since the last blog; part of that time was a nice holiday. It's always a nervous time leaving the veg just when the harvest is about to arrive.  Will I come back to a mess of overripe tomatoes and dried up beans?  Fortunately neither, it must have rained on and off and the watering system in the greenhouse did it's job.

The biggest harvest has to have been the french beans.  I must have got several kilos.  This is just a fraction of them.

I like them curried or cooked with cherry tomatoes.

I had a small amount of the morello cherries, just enough to cook with sugar for one person.

The beetroot have grown very large this year.

I got nearly 2 bags of kestrel spuds which is a moderate yield. I think I can improve on that with better soil.  No blight this year.

The onions are also a good size.  That's quite good given I grew these from seed.

The parsnips have been good and tasty too despite the cabbage white caterpillars stripping the leaves, fortunately they did this after the turnips had grown to a good size.

The downside of big harvests though is for the second year the plum tree has cracked a branch under the weight of fruit.  I must learn to not be so greedy and do some thinning.

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