30th September, 2013

The outdoor tomatoes got blight! So I picked off all the trusses and dug up the plants.  I took a risk and kept most of the tomatoes but there were the tell tale signs of damage caused by the blight and so I was expecting to have to throw most away, which as it turned is what I had to do.  However, there were some that were OK and I made some tasty passata with them.

The sweetcorn has not been discovered by the badgers this year yet and they are some of the juiciest and sweetest I've had.  I'm really pleased with the result.

But..... the aubergines are a complete disaster....again.  The result is just one shrivelled fruit, rubbish.  I'm not going to grow them anymore.

I planted 2 rows of garlic but I'm not going to plant over wintering onions.  I'm going to grow from seed as I got good results using that method this year.  I continue to harvest large courgettes and beetroot.  The soft fruit is also very good, there are plenty of blackberries and raspberries.  I'm just about on the last of the plums but they are getting over ripe now.  I will be picking the apples in the next few weeks.

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