29th July, 2008

The plants in the greenhouse seem to be a bit later than last year, but I didn't keep notes so I can't be sure. The aubergines are flowering....

and so are the chillis...

and finally the first of the tomatoes (Gardener's delight) are ready for eating.

But the outside tomato plants (sub arctic plenty) have formed about 2 or 3 trusses and that's it. The growing point is not there anymore which is strange. As a result the plants are only about 2 foot tall. They better taste nice!

I dug up the spring planted onions as they had mostly fallen over and were a good size. The weekend weather was lovely and hot, perfect for drying onions.

In the place of the onions I was going to plant a pumpkin but I decided two more squash plants would be more productive. They have lovely large yellow flowers, but only last for a day. I dug in a good few spadefuls of well rotted farmyard manure that I collected last January, it's turned out really well. The soil was really dry, I'm amazed the onions did so well and the leeks before that.

The runner beans are ready at last.

I'm not so sure about the sweetcorn. It is starting to show the male flowers (and at the top and on some the female flowers are showing too. But most of the plants are no more than a few feet tall and don't seem to be as tall as last year. Again, this might be due to the heavy clay soil drying out, despite me mulching heavily with grass cuttings.


marigold said...

Those are some impressive plants! I have gardeners delight growing, but their just getting going. Will mine look like that?!

Capsid said...

Thanks for commenting Marigold. If your tomatoes are watered regularly and fed once a week then they should produce an abundance of fruits.

HappyMouffetard said...

Wow - everything looks so impressive. My plot is miles behind this year.

Your onions look great.

Dina said...

Amazing, Capsid! I just came across your blog while troubleshooting my onions, and you have a gift. I just started my first garden this year, and my first blog (about all things garden) this summer. It's at www.citylovescountry.com.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on your blog!



Capsid said...

Thanks for your kind comments happymouffetard and dina.

happymouffetard, the onions taste good too, they are quite strong and make my eyes water when slicing them!

dina, I've added your blog to my RSS feeds so I'll be checking in on your progress too.

Dina said...

Thanks, Capsid! Now I'm having problems with my pepper plants. One day, the peppers are starting to get ripe and beautiful, and the next day, they're clearly rotting! What happened?


Capsid said...

Dina, I'm not sure about your pepper problem, but I suspect that the snails you report on your blog could be eating holes in the fruit which then may develop into the rot. I sprinkle a few slug pellets around to protect mine.