1st July, 2008

Everything is now planted out so now it is a matter of keeping on top of the weeds and harvesting the delicious produce.

First up in the greenhouse the cucumbers and tomatoes are fruiting.

Outside there are some good looking turnips. These are so easy to grow and several sowings can be done through the year.

I picked the first courgette last weekend. As usual it was left a little too long and was really a baby marrow. There are many more on the way.

The lettuces are just about ready, I need to sow some more to fill in the gaps where veg have been pulled. I sow 6 single seeds at a time in modules; this system is working well.

There are a few peas coming along but the plants have not grown well, I put that down to the poor soil I have planted them in (as you can se in the photo) plus they are under the apple tree so they get a fair bit of shade.

The raspberries are bigger and better than last yearand there are signs of flower buds already. The only downside is that it may be difficult to pick them all fom that jungle. I'm quite proud of the retaining wall I built from old paving slabs. It will provide a firm footing for the picking, before it was a very slippery slope the steepness of which is not appreciated in the photo.

The tayberry was planted in the spring of last year, the plant is still quite young but will produce a reasonable crop, unless the birds find them first.

The blackberry was planted at the same time as the tayberry but it has put on a lot more growth and there lots of promising flowers.

The shallots are swelling and pushing out of the soil. I should remove the soil away from the bases which will aid ripening.

Harvested this week:

Strawberries: nice size and very sweet. I think the squirrels have had a few though.
Broad beans: I shelled them from their leathery skins this time and were better for it.
Kohlrabi: I read that you can cook the leaves as spring greens, so two for the price of one.
Onions: plenty of these!

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