8th July, 2008

Lots of tasty veg was harvested this weekend. You can't beat strawberries!

There weren't many peas but they were incredibly sweet and no sign of the dreaded pea moth maggot. More of these may well be grown next year!

I risked emptying the early potatoes grown in buckets. The soil was quite dry despite what I thought was regular watering. The clay loam I'd used did not have enough compost in it and had formed into solid clumps. As a result there weren't as many spuds as I'd hoped. However, they tasted very good but were rather floury. Next time I'll select a waxy spud, perhaps International kidney which is Jersey royal in the shops.

The overwintered onions and garlic were lifted and left to dry in the sun (when it shined). The garlic is acceptable despite the rust, it certainly smells good!

In the gap, some more dwarf beans and leeks were planted.

Also harvested and eaten were the little gem lettuce (very good), more overwintered broad beans, two courgettes (stuffed with broad beans), kohlrabi, turnip (mashed with carrots) and radish (these were too old and were a bit woody and hot).

The broad beans are nearly finished and the spring sown ones are now ready to take their place.

In the kohlrabi gaps I planted some flat leaved parsley.

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