21st November, 2011

I haven't posted in some time as I have not got around to taking photos of the garden. My excuse is that I leave it too late in the day when it's too dark to take photos. Anyway, I have harvested the apples and carefully identified those that were unmarked and these were then wrapped individually in newspaper. The marked ones will be eaten first hopefully before they go rotten. Here are the apples nicely wrapped and stored in the shed.
The tomatoes were still being picked in November. It's been very warm and I still haven't recorded a frost.
I cleared out the greenhouse and cleaned the glass properly this year to remove the algae that had built up. I have chillis, broad bean seedlings, peach and cyclamens in there and they will need a much light as possible so clean glass will help. These are the chilli plants which may or may not survive. I always try but they haven't survived a winter in the greenhouse in my hands.
Peach and broad beans.
Cyclamens which I dug up from the front garden; they may make nice gifts for my friends or to spread around the garden.
I've managed to dig over the parts of the garden plots that are clear of veg. This is a first. I've spread over the compost that was rotted enough to do so. But it doesn't go far.
The warm weather has encouraged the onion sets to shoot. I also planted some garlic but that hasn't shown yet.
The leeks are small; I may have to wait until spring before they put on some growth.
But we have been eating some nice pak choi.
The asparagus is finally turning brown (another sign of the warm spell) and it's time to cut it down.
The leaves have started to fall and I must collect them to make valuable leaf mould.