New greenhouse

I managed to bag a free greenhouse! I always had plans to be able to use the patio area half way down the garden more fruitfully which gets a lot of sun. What with the increasing number of cacti I'm collecting I knew I needed more space. So I casually asked on the local street life forum and got an answer the same day. Next day I went round and dismantled it and now it's ready for reassembly on my patio. The very nice couple who offered it, helped with the disassembly and even had the assembly instructions which will help a lot! I only broke two panes too.

What I need to do now is prepare the area its sitting on which means lifting and re-levelling the paving slabs.

I've set the tomatoes up in the existing greenhouse.

The chillies have been potted up into their final pots.

Maybe I have too many? Although I won't be so concerned when I have the new greenhouse and more room.

But what's wrong with my garlic? It's split into thin leaves, maybe it's the allium miner?

The peas have started flowering.

As well as the garlic, I'm also concerned about the dwarf beans which have not taken well to being planted out. They haven't put on new leaf and have gone a bit pale. Hopefully they are just struggling to get their roots down.