Summer heat and greenhouse tomatoes

The garden is much in need of rain. My son is gainfully employed in watering the garden whilst on his school holidays and waiting for his GCSE results. Even then, there are large cracks showing as the heavy clay bakes into something resembling concrete. However, where I have mulched, then the soil has not dried out so much. So I need to keep applying the compost. It's a familiar story that I've told before.

In the greenhouse the plants are suffering too. Even with their feet in water the tomatoes have pale leaves and slow growth. It may be because I haven't fed them so much. I'll get some fruit though and have picked a nice cucumber.

I've also picked some nice lettuce.

And some climbing beans.

And tomatoes which were good with the lettuce and cucumber In a salad.

The outdoor tomatoes are rather pathetic truth be told, so it's good to get anything.

Gooseberry glut

I have a glut of gooseberries, but what to do with them? There's only so much crumble you can eat right? Why not try ice cream then? So I did and wow what a deliciously refreshing dessert it makes. I recommend it dear reader. You are reading this aren't you, I wonder sometimes?

The harvest continues with the strawberries, red currants and blackcurrants with which I made a very nice cordial using the big allotment challenge recipe.

The strawberries are not so good this year, I'm going to dig them up and buy new plants but good enough for flavouuring ice cream and cordials. 

Tomatoes are on the way.

And the peas

And the broad beans are probably ready.

The kohlrabi are fattening up. Such a lovely colour.

Finally, I dug up some spuds (kestrel). Yes, there's a good yield and tasty with salads.  

The garlic has been dug up, it's variable with good sized bulbs but also very small ones too.

I've planted some purple sprouting broccoli in the gap.

I have next week off so I'll be harvesting and cooking ... a lot.