16th July 2013

I remembered to take some quick pictures for this blog late on Sunday.  I haven't done much in the garden as the weather has been very hot.  The only reason to go outside was to do some important late evening watering.

The harvest is starting properly now and first off are the strawberries.  They are very good this year and there are lots of them.  I made some ice cream, jam and smoothies from about 2kg in one picking.

They tasted great just as they are too.

The greenhouse is now set up with the drip irrigation system.  I spent some time getting it balanced so that all the plants get water.  I can go on holiday knowing that they should be OK.  I also had to buy a new piston for the roof vent opener as it had stopped working.  It's important that there is good airflow so this was a key repair especially now with the current heatwave.  The temperatures are touching 40C.

Nice looking tomatoes with cucumber and melons at the back.

Peppers, chillies and aubergines.

Outside the French beans and tomatoes appreciate the warmth only as long as I water them, the heat would soon shrivel them up otherwise.

I pulled up the onions planted last October.  It's nice to have home grown again given that last year was a complete no show.

The peas are producing lots of pods.  No sign of pea moth yet, hopefully I sowed them early enough.