Greenhouse assembly

It took me some time to put the greenhouse up. I had to re-lay the slabs as they were not at all level and then I laid a good hardcore base underneath. Hard work, but I wanted to do it properly.

Underneath the existing slabs I found some foundations.

Then I filled the hole in with some hard core rubble that I made by smashing up old slabs and bricks from around the garden.

Slabs going back, nice and level.

Finally all laid.

Working out how the greenhouse went back together would have been impossible without the instruction manual.   Even at this early stage I had assembled and dismantled it three times.  I just couldn't work out where the bracing struts went.

Got the roof on. Needed help from sons here.

Doors fitted and working smoothly to indicate everything is level.

I broke a few panes fitting the glass back. All sorted now and ready for the summer, where my cacti will mostly live.  The main advantage is that it frees up space in the top greenhouse where I will have more space fro growing tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies.

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